How does the appointment go?

The appointment will start out with a consultation. This is where you'll tell me, or even show me, exactly what you want out of your microblading session. Then I will have you fill out paper work and get everything set up. Once you lay down I will begin the pre-draw, and measuring out your brow shape in regards to your specific face measurements and what we talked about during your consultation. Once we have BOTH agreed on the pre-draw shape, I will begin microblading. Once the appointment is over, I will go over after care procedures with you and give you your after care ointment. Then I will see you in 6-8 weeks for your initial touch-up!

Does Microblading hurt?

Everyones pain toleration varies. Some say it doesn't hurt at all, while others say it feels uncomfortable, similar to the feeling of waxing or threading. Either way, the "uncomfortable" part of the appointment only lasts for about 15-20 minutes. I only do the first pass without numbing, once the first pass is complete I will numb your brows and you won't feel a thing for the rest of the appointment.

How will my eyebrows look directly after the procedure?

Directly after the procedure your eyebrows will look dark, defined, and sometimes a tad swollen. This is normal. Your skin will be going through a healing process and there will be several stages to that process (please read "what to expect" in before/after care tab). Your brows will heal 30% lighter

is the initial touch-up crucial?

Yes, the longevity of your brows will rely on the initial touch-up appointment. Your metabolism will try to fight the pigment implanted in your skin, so some strokes will completely disappear. Also, since your brows will heal 30% lighter, its important to see whether or not you will want to go a shade darker. 

Can i be pregnant or nursing and get microblading done?

No, I ask that anyone pregnant or nursing schedule their appointment at a later date to ensure the health and safety of you and your baby.

Am i a candidate for microblading if i have diabetes?

Clients who are insulin dependent must have written permission from their physician. This is because insolin dependent clients often don't heal as well and are at a higher risk for infection


am i a candidate for microblading if i am receiving chemotherapy?

No client can be receiving chemotherapy at the time of their appointment, due to bodies decreased healing ability. A client who had previous chemotherapy will have to wait at least 6 months to 1 year and have written permission from their physician.

how frequent will i need a touch-up?

Because microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, you will need to schedule a touch-up every 12-24 months. Everyones retention will vary so you will need to be proactive when noticing fading. Any touch-up past 24 months will be treated and priced as an initial appointment. 

Any other Questions?

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at kirklyn.malone@salonlofts.com

or text/call at 404-451-2226